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 In-Home Euthanasia.

Serving greater San Antonio and The Hill Country.

The Difficult Decision

No decision is more difficult for a pet owner than the decision to euthanize their beloved animal. My mission is to provide you and your pet with an experience that is as free from anxiety and pain as possible. Being able to have your last moments together where you and your pet are most comfortable, at your home, is a gift that can make this sad experience undeniably more peaceful for both.

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The word “euthanasia” itself stems from the greek words "eu" (good) and "thanatos" (death). Though I know this is an emotional process for pet owners, you can rest assured I take pride in having the skills necessary to provide a peaceful end-of-life experience for your pet.
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Once the decision for pet euthanasia has been made, I can help you by offering my expertise and compassionate support throughout the entire process. I will guide you through the details and gather as much information up front as possible to minimize the amount of time needed for paperwork on arrival.
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Upon arrival and once you are ready, a sedation injection will be given to your pet to ensure they're comfortable. This way, your pet will become relaxed, and drift off to sleep before the final injection. This helps ensure the procedure is painless and peaceful.
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I will respectfully allow you and your family adequate time to spend before and after the procedure, then if requested I will prepare and transport the pet for cremation.

The Process Simplified:

What to expect when the time is right.

Set A Date

Reach out to me to set a convenient date for you and any loved ones.

Your Home

I will arrive and go over the details and options with you. Sedation will be performed followed shortly by the euthanasia. You will have plenty of valuable time to say goodbye to your beloved pet.


If you choose to proceed with cremation, I will handle the final details and transport of the pets body to the crematory on your behalf.

From People like You...

Dr. Beverley was an such amazing presence during this extremely hard time. She was so gentle with my sweet girl, and so kind to us as we all said our goodbyes. My sweet Kelly was able to pass peacefully in the comfort of her own bed at home. I recommend this service to everyone with a beloved pet. As hard as this was, it was made peaceful by Dr. Beverley

Matthew - Helotes

Dr. Beverley is an amazing and compassionate veterinarian. She was wonderful and supportive during a very difficult time. I would travel anywhere to have her care for my loved ones but conveniently she is willing to travel to you, which helps ease the stress during a very difficult time.

Ashley Madrano - San Antonio

Saying goodbye to your best friend is never easy. It's important to make sure that his/her last moments feel completely loved and cared for. Dr. Beverley provides a service that allows for this opportunity. She is incredibly kind and compassionate in what she does. It allows for your best friend to pass on in the place they feel most comfortable, not a scary, unknown clinic. I highly recommend choosing her for your service.

Bailey- Kirby

Dr. Beverley was so nice to my kitty. She was even able to make the trip to Boerne the same day to help me. I am so grateful that she offers this service.

Rosie Hill- Boerne


Below you will find estimated pricing. Please call or email for a final cost dependent on size of pet and location.

Euthanasia Only

This option is for home burial or pet cemetery.
Mobile vet destination
House call
Home euthanasia
Owner handles transport
Digital Paw Prints

Communal Or Group

Group cremation with no ashes returned.
Mobile vet destination
House call
Home euthanasia
Pet body transport
Digital Paw Prints

Private Cremation

Private cremation with ashes saved and returned.
Mobile vet destination
House call
Home euthanasia
Aftercare transportation
Private cremation
Ashes saved/returned
Digital/clay paw prints,
fur clipping, choice of urn.

(Personal delivery of your
pet's ashes and keepsakes
to your home)

*Cash and checks accepted as payment. At this time credit cards and Care Credit are not accepted.
If you are paying in cash please anticipate the exact amount as I do not carry change. Thank you

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know the time is right?

This the most difficult question, and the answer will vary depending on the pet and the illness. You know your pet, and will recognize specific changes that indicate the right time, such as:

-Not eating or drinking
-Accidents in the house
-No longer greeting you when you come home
-No longer patrolling the yard or protecting their territory
-No longer wagging their tail
-Isolation from the family or other household pets
-Lack of interest in playing
-Inability to stand or walk on their own
-Attitude changes, like depression, aggression, or confusion
-Not wanting to do the things they normally enjoy

Who should I consult before making the decision?

Your family veterinarian will often offer the best advice, as they know your pet’s medical history and situation.

When should I schedule my appointment?

I give first priority to appointments that are scheduled. I will try my best to accommodate those who call same-day. If I hear from your earlier in the day I am usually more likely to be able to accommodate a same day appointment than I am in the afternoon or evening.

Every day is different, so I may be available within a few hours when you contact me; or I may be unavailable until the following day. I understand that sometimes a need for euthanasia arises quickly, and I will do my best to help when I can; but I may need to refer you to a local emergency clinic if I cannot get to your home within a time frame that works for you and your pet.

I have found, after helping families and pets through many euthanasias, that some advance planning can help ensure a peaceful passing during an already extremely difficult time. By scheduling in advance of the appointment I am better able to coordinate goodbyes for the pet and the people who love him or her. This ensures we avoid a crisis or painful event, and make decisions about how to commemorate the pet’s life with a clearer mind.

Preparations for a gentle pass

Selecting a room or area special to the pet and yourself is often suggested. Feeding your pet one last favorite meal is permitted if they are still able to enjoy or consume it. Loss of bladder and bowel control is often common during euthanasia, so you may want to place an unwanted blanket or cloth under your beloved pet before we begin.

Can I stay with my pet during the euthanasia procedure?

Yes, you are welcome to stay for the procedure as long as you feel comfortable. Some people like to be present for the entire procedure, while others stay for the sedation only. It is your personal decision, and I fully support whatever you choose.

Can we be outside?

We can be wherever your pet is most comfortable – on a bed, table, couch, or even outside on a blanket (weather permitting).

Didn't find your question here? Feel free to reach out to me below.

Free Digital Paw Prints Available Upon Request.


Dr. Beverley will be out of town and not taking appointments until Monday 4/22/24.

If you are looking for in-home euthanasia during this time period, please reach out to one of the highly recommended doctors below:

Dr. Erin May (210) 460-3355
Gentle Pet Passages (210) 414-4311
Stepping Stone Vet Care (210) 454-6101
Compassvet (210) 780-7632

If you would like to setup an appointment after my return please do not hesitate to reach out. Calls, text and emails will be answered but communications may be delayed.

I appreciate your patience during this time.

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